Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Democrats Doing It Right

Here's some evidence from an unexpected source that the Democrats are starting to get it right:

"The thing that I guess is the most irritating to me about this, and I almost take this personally because I've found myself in similar circumstances over the years. It seems to me that the Senate Republicans are allowing themselves to be defined by their adversaries, the Democrats, the media. They are allowing themselves to be defined as the aggressors here, as the transgressors of Senate practice and the Constitution. What they ought to be doing is loudly and proudly making their case." --Rush Limbaugh (emphasis mine)

Republicans have been winning by defining the Democrats as it suits their cause. Republicans have claimed to be the champions of free enterprise against the socialistic Democrats despite Republican support for corporate welfare. Republicans have labeled Democrats as weak on defense, despite the fact that it was Republicans who ignored warnings on terrorism from Democratic sources ranging from John Kerry to Bill Clinton. Republicans have redefined the inheritance tax as the death tax, and are attempting to define privatization of Social Security as personal accounts.

While he is wrong on his interpretation of issues, defining one's enemy is one thing that Limbaugh does understand. If he feels the Democrats are succeeding in defining the Republicans, it is a sign that the Democrats are starting to do something right.


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