Monday, May 09, 2005

Kerry Opposing GOP Dominated Washington

It was so obvious that I didn't even bother commenting in the post, but I guess the obvious eludes some. Today's Boston Globe has an article describing Kerry as running against Washington. As some of the blogs, who will repeat any criticism of Kerry regardless of whether valid (or even true) are picking up on this, it is now worthy of comment. Unfortunately this includes both conservative blogs where this might be accepted, as well as some chronically anti-Kerry liberal blogs such as Kos where criticism of Republican control of Congress should be supported.

There is an obvious reason missed by the author of the Boston Globe article as to why Kerry is now campaigning against Washington. As a Democrat it is perfectly understandable why he would be objecting to what is occurring in Washington with the Federal government under complete Republican control. The article notes how Kerry attacks the recent changes in Washington, such as when he says "Washington seems more and more out of touch with the difficulties the average family is facing." It is clear he is opposing the current GOP leadership when he includes specific criticism of the leadership of DeLay and Frist.


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