Saturday, April 30, 2005

LUTD Breaking 5000 Hits--For the Second Time

Light Up The Darkness is showing continued success in presenting the principles behind our support for John Kerry and or opposition to the current policies of the Republican controlled government. For the second time since started post-election, Light Up The Darkness exceeded 5000 hits in a single day yesterday. This was largely thanks to the addition of Buzz Flash to the sites linking to us. This includes frequent links at the Daou Report among other major blogs.

Today also marks the 13th time in 2005 LUTD has exceeded 1000 hits in a single day. Our initial blog, The Unofficial Kerry Blog, was exceeding 2000 hits around the election but, as anticipated, blog readership dropped off by mid November. The success of LUTD is showing continued interest in democratic principles.

Another landmark passed was having over 100 comments to a single post. Those reading the mirrored posts on the Unofficial Kerry Blog are encouraged to also join us at LUTD for our active discussions. Many of the posts are also discussed over at Democratic Underground and other sites. While we are concentrating on LUTD, The Unofficial Kerry Blog does remain active, sometimes posting items in greater detail on Kerry events and statements than on LUTD.

LUTD also had the first mailing this week for its email list. Those who are not on the mailing list are encouraged to sign up here.


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