Thursday, April 07, 2005

Kerry: Publicize Benefit for Vets

In today’s Boston Herald, John Kerry called on MA state officials urging them “to better publicize a little-known benefit to disabled vets.” Kerry was prompted to speak out after reading Mike Barnicle’s column yesterday about Paul Bartell, “a cash-strapped North End veteran who lost both legs in Vietnam.”

Bartell has been eligible since 1968 for the annual $1,500 disability annuity, according to the state. But he was not aware he qualified until three years ago - and because the benefits are not granted retroactively, he lost out on $13,000 over the years.

“I'm just glad the Herald exposed how veterans are falling through the cracks,” Kerry said. “This is a test of our values as a state. We should be working across the aisle to make sure every veteran in our state gets every penny they deserve for putting their bodies on the line for our freedom.”



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Blogger DynamicDems said...

Kerry hasn't stopped for a minute. During the Senate break he's been busy as ever despite undergoing knee surgery. He never gives up or gives in. What an example he sets. It is inspiring to see someone fight so hard for America and for Americans. He's out there every single day reminding us why WE shouldn't give up and why WE should keep on fighting the good fight. Three cheers for the Jr. Senator from Massachusetts.

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