Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kerry Reference Library Back On Line

The Kerry Reference Library is back, now moved to: http://kerrylibrary.invisionzone.com/
(It was necessary to move due to Forum Flash shutting down recently.)

The Kerry Reference Library started during the 2004 campaign and currently has about 2500 articles on the candidates and issues. The Library continued to be updated after the election, including new sections on moral values, Bush's second term nominees, Tom DeLay and the Republican Congress, and Terri Schiavo. Multiple other issues are present, so this site should also be a useful resource even for people not interested in the articles on Kerry or Bush.

Of course news and interviews on John Kerry have also been updated. At present articles posted until last Thursday have been moved over, and I'll be updating in the near future. There's still a little work to be done. For example, the graphics files (including Avatars and photos in some of the posts) have not been moved yet.

Registered members have been emailed with the new link, but many people read as guests and might not know where the new site is. To help get the word out to all former readers, as well as others who might be interested, I'd appreciate it if anyone with sites or blogs on related topics would post the new link.


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