Tuesday, March 22, 2005

“Since Taking Office, the President Has Cut the SBA More Than Any Other Agency”

We hear in the corporate propaganda press frequently that Bush is a friend to small business. However, the definition of small business is somewhat reaching, because if Bush and friends had their way, the real small business owners of America would be wishing they had filed for bankruptcy a few weeks ago, before the bankruptcy bill passed.

Real small business owners know that they have a friend in John Kerry. I’m talking about the small businesses that are the cornerstone of the American economy, the “rural, low-income, women-owned, minority-owned and home-based small businesses” that you don’t hear about in the news every day, the small businesses that are currently struggling under the Bush economy. Some of those businesses grow and prosper, and become larger corporations, but many remain family owned small businesses, mom and pop shops, as they used to be know and still are in rural areas. If you think about it, everyone knows someone who owns a small business, but companies like Wal-Mart would seek to drive those companies out of business.

Once again, due to John Kerry’s tireless work as Ranking Member of Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, they still have fighting chance (unless the House rejects this).

Thursday the Senate passed the bipartisan Kerry-Snowe amendment which restores “$78 million for critical programs at the Small Business Administration (SBA) that President Bush had proposed drastically cutting or eliminating all together.”



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