Monday, March 21, 2005

White House Expresses Orwellian View of Consent of the Family

The Texas law which led to the discontinuation of life support for Baby Sun contrary to the wishes of the baby's mother came up at a White House press briefing this morning. We saw more Orwellian logic come out of the White House, this time from Scott McClellan. In describing the legislation, signed by George Bush, which allows hospitals to discontinue care considered futile without the consent of the family, McClellan stated: "The legislation was there to help ensure that actions were being taken that were in accordance with the wishes of the patient or the patient's family."


Anonymous Aleks said...

Hypocrisy from the GW administration? Perish the thought.

Where's the media on this thing? Dare we call it a flip-flop? GW signs legislation allowing doctors to pull the plug apart from families' wishes (and with no indication of support from the patient), but not for husbands to pull the plug on advice from doctors with clear indications of previous support from the patient, and this isn't worth devoting any attention to?

Thanks for keeping us up to date!

10:30 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Many of the posts are mirrored here, but we have far more on this over at Light Up the Darkness at:

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