Tuesday, February 01, 2005

John Kerry Launches the “Give Voice to Our Values” Project

John Kerry told us last week when he introduced the “Kids Come First Act” that he was going be relentless in pushing this issue, and he is. In an email just starting to make its way out to his email list of nearly 3 million subscribers, Kerry introduces his new “Give Voice to Our Values” project.

In his email, John Kerry says:
In less than 36 hours, President Bush will use his State of the Union speech to stampede the country into a false sense of crisis on Social Security, while ignoring the real and immediate crisis of 11 million American children waking up this morning without health insurance.

But, we won't accept the President's refusal to act as the final word on meeting the needs of our children. Not a chance. Last week, our Senate introduction of the Kids First Act of 2005 added even more energy to our drive for citizen co-sponsors for this vital legislation. Nearly 500,000 people have now signed on to our efforts.

Here's what's next:
This week, I'm calling on the johnkerry.com community to "Give Voice to Our Values" by providing vocal support for our effort to provide every child in America with health care coverage. I need you to be a part of this effort.

Make Your Personal Call Right Now.
Call our "Give Voice to Your Values" project at 1-866-876-4490. At this toll-free number, you can record a message describing, in your own words, why it is so critical for America to Put Kids First.

If you have a personal story about a child living without health insurance, I hope you'll see it in your heart to share it. But, whatever your individual circumstance, it is essential that Americans from all walks of life give vocal support to our Put Kids First initiative.

The “Give Voice to Our Values” Project will be “compiling recorded messages from across America.” Now is your chance to add your voice to this very important project, as I just did.

This is a very personal issue for me because I’m a self-employed single mother. I cannot even begin express how important this is to families like my own all across this country. My kid is one of those “11 million children” with out healthcare insurance. I worry about this every day.

It’s hard enough for families with two incomes to pay for healthcare insurance through their employers, but when you are self-employed with one income, it’s simply a pipe dream. Budget cuts have taken borderline income families off their State medical programs leaving even more children without healthcare than ever.

It’s time to stand up for our values. It’s time to put partisan politics aside and do what is right for the children in this country. Too many parents lie awake at night with the same worries that I do. That is why I Have John Kerry’s Back on this issue and I am asking you all to join us here at LightUpTheDarkness.org in supporting the “Kids Come First Act.”

John Kerry ended his email saying, “If we want to give full expression to the strong grassroots support for putting Kids First, we've got to create new tools for making our voices heard.” LightUpTheDarkness.org launched the “We’ve Got Your Back” campaign on January 27th to do just that.

Please join our effort by sending letters to your local Senators urging them to Co-Sponsor “Kids Come First” and if you have a website or blog please save our “We’ve Got Your Back” graphic to your server and upload it on to your website to show your support of this very important issue. As grassroots activists, we have all learned that our actions can make a difference, so let’s make a difference for the kids of America.


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