Monday, January 31, 2005

Bush Plan to Privatize Social Security “An Outrage”

In an editorial in today’s Boston Globe, James Roosevelt Jr. said, “The implication that FDR would support privatization of America's greatest national program is an attempt to deceive the American people and an outrage.”

Throughout the six successful decades of Social Security, it has been adjusted in both benefits and revenues. But it has continued to observe FDR's principles of a secure, guaranteed retirement income provided by an insurance system that all workers pay for. Then, as now, the key to taking the fear out of the Social Security debate is speaking truthfully. Instead, the proponents of privatization have not only misused the name and image of my grandfather, they have mischaracterized undisputed facts to create a phony impetus for abandonment of the program.



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Paul Krugman has a must-read article on Social Security today:

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