Monday, February 14, 2005

Do I Get to Wear A Brown Shirt

Junk email just received:

Anyone want to sign up to be a GOP Team Leader? Maybe you get to wear a snazzy brown shirt.

I wonder if Wonkette has any opinions on these two

Dear ,

We're Mindy & Katie, two members of the RNC web team. Today we're launching the first installment of Off the Record, a weekly series of candid interviews with Party leaders, activists, and rising stars in the GOP.

Recently, we went Off the Record with John Thune, the new Senator from South Dakota who defeated former Democrat Minority Leader Tom Daschle in the 2004 elections. Senator Thune, who had just returned from Iraq, speaks about the emotional trip, life as a Senator and some personal favorites - certainly more than you get from an average TV soundbite.

To watch the video now, visit!

And join us in the following weeks as we sit down with several GOP Congressmen and Party leaders who are working hard to combat the Democrats' obstructionist tactics and pass meaningful reforms for the American people. Stay tuned!


Mindy, Katie, and the rest of the RNC eCampaign

P.S. Visit now and watch Off the Record with Senator John Thune. While you're there, sign up to be a GOP Team Leader for access to exclusive opportunities coming soon.

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Blogger Mike Lamson said...

Neo-conservative values

Here is what we have learned from George W. Bush and the Republican Party over the past four years.
• Think only in terms of extreme opposites (us versus them) without considering the center.
• The Iron Rule -“do unto others as you like, before they do it unto you”– guides foreign policy.
• A job worth doing well is worth sending overseas.
• A penny saved is a penny squandered on record budget deficits.
• On questions of supreme importance – Does the end (liberation) justify the means (war)? - don’t seek the advice of a more experienced elder.
• On the virtues of careful planning – don’t bother to drain the alligator swamp (plan the peace). Jump in and yell, “BRING EM ON!”
• Decisiveness is the better part of valor.
• Multiple wrongs must make a right when you can’t recall a single mistake.
• The buck always stops elsewhere (UN, CIA, the troops…).

But all that’s OK as long as you’ve got your "wealth". And as for the 44 million Americans (and 11 million American children) who don’t have healthcare (or wealth) - that buck stops elsewhere too.

4:48 AM  

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