Monday, February 14, 2005

At Least He's Consistent

With all his faults, and there are many, at least Alan Keyes is consistent in his hatred and bigotry. Last summer he broke with fellow Republican hypocrits and labeled Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter (the one we're not supposed to talk about) a sinner, and labeled homosexuality "selfish hedonism."

There's a special Valentine's Day present for Keyes today as his daughter, Maya Marcel-Keyes, makes her first public appearance as a gay activist at a rally in front of the Maryland State House, per reports from CBS News.

Keyes reaction? Maya Marcel-Keyes reports that her parents have thrown her out of the house, stopped speaking to her and refuse to pay for college because she is gay.

Maya Marcel-Keyes maintains a personal web diary at

Wonkette also found the story amusing:
We salute her, and hope she serves as a role model for the Bush girls. We can't wait for them to come out.


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