Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hypocrisy on the Right

I'm finding the hypocrisy of the conservative blogs rather amusing. They have repeatedly attacked those calling for election reform, calling them sore losers. Some complained about the request for a hand count in Washington, claiming the votes were already counted twice--ignoring the fact that neither of the first two votes included a hand count to inspect every vote. They claimed that Republicans don't question election results this way. Of course they don't call for recounts the way Democrats do as recounts typically favor Democrats due to the older, less accurate voting machines being in minority neighborhoods.

Of course, now that the recount has favored the Democrats, the same Republican blogs which made fun of theories of voter fraud in Ohio are now developing their own (and often off the wall) theories to claim the election in Washington was stolen.

Some of the right wing blogs are also attacking Kerry for going to Bagdad, trying to equate this as visiting the enemy. Maybe they'll pull up some more faked pictures of Kerry with Jane Fonda. They forget that technically Iraq is not the enemy now that we are occupying the country.

The Republican blogs also deny the media reports that troops in Iraq are cheering Kerry. They can't handle facts which contradict their warped world view. Obviously the soldiers in Iraq have not heard (or believed) the GOP attacks that Kerry does not support the troops. The conservative blogs are probably most upset with the prospect that Kerry's fact finding mission will actually turn up even more facts to show the folly of Bush's Iraq policy.


Blogger ocean_minded said...

With that level of hipocracy, how on Earth are we supposed to unite this country?

1:11 PM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

That's the problem. There are such major differences, unity is difficult.

On elections, the Republicans are using various methods of voter suppression as a tactic to increase their chances of winning. They'll fight Democratic calls for recounts when there are questions as to the results, but we see how they respond in Washington. Clearly what is needed is national standards to ensure fair elections. It is questionalbe if we can achieve agreement here as long as many Republicans see voter suppression as a fair election tactic.

As for Iraq, it is clear that Bush lied his way in, and is not giving an honest view now. Just as I opposed an unjust war waged by Democrats in the past, I oppose an unjust war waged by Republicans. I welcome fact finding missions in either case. In contrast, many Republicans are willing to ignore reality, putting them in a position where they must fabricate charges against their opponents to justify their position.

Of course I'm not saying that every Republican supports voter suppression and supports the dishonesty of the Bush administration on Iraq. Conservative blogs are likley not totally representative of all Republicans, and hopefully there are enough reasonable Republicans and independents to allow for agreement on reasonable policies in the future.

4:17 PM  

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