Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Democrats Could Delay Rice Confirmation in Full Floor Debate

It appears that Kerry and Boxer are working their magic with Senate leaders on the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice. NBC News via MSNBC is reporting that “Democrats planned to delay her widely expected confirmation by the full Senate.”

Rice was “the first nominee for secretary of state to receive any “no” votes since Alexander M. Haig in 1981.”

Some dismay (mildly noted) has been posted on the internet today about the Democrats who voted to confirm Rice. NBC News reports “Other Democrats, including ranking member Joseph Biden of Delaware, said they were only reluctantly voting to elevate Rice to the nation’s top diplomatic job.”

Rice’s quick confirmation by the full Senate on Thursday had been considered a formality, but Democrats who opposed the nomination were in negotiations with Senate leaders for a full floor debate and a roll-call vote. With most senators attending events surrounding Bush’s inauguration Thursday, those demands could delay Rice’s confirmation into next week, NBC News’ Ken Strickland reported.

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Blogger Marcus said...

Hi gang, well partly due to life but no less to being p.o.'d at JK for giving up so easily on the recount, I've been absent here. But the ol boy is beginning to redeem himself as he seems to be using his "political capitol" to beat CODUS [hear to for known as "Chimp of The United States"] and his admin over the head. I still think JK's got some "spainin" to do but I'm still w/ him.

1:52 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Kerry did the right thing. On one level we all would have loved to see him fighting on after the election results were in, but realistically it wouldn't have changed anything. It would have also reduced his credibility for leading the fight against Bush in the Senate.

With his experience in fighting Nixon on Vietnam and Reagan over Iran Contra, Kerry's best Senate days might still be in the future as he exposes Bush. From there, he may or may not wind up in a good position to become President in four years--it is too early to concentrate on that.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Pamela Leavey said...

By Marcus, at 1:52 AM


You've been missed... Join us over at the LUTD Blog -

As Ron said above, JK did what he needed to do and he's still fighting for us, that we can be certain of. We all wish things had been different. If the margin was smaller there may have been a better chance.

I'm pleased to see that Kennedy has stepped it up as well with his fight. I feel as though in the past few days, Kerry, Boxer and kennedy have taken the foreground of the battlefield against Bush.

11:15 AM  

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