Friday, December 17, 2004

John Kerry Calls on Rumsfeld to Investigate Why Troops Lack Armor

A quick visit to John Kerry's Senate website gives us an idea what John Kerry has been up to in the past few weeks since the election... Too bad the mainstream media is not reporting this! But then it is no small wonder, they failed to report so much of what John Kerry was saying during the campaign.

John Kerry Calls on Rumsfeld to Investigate Why Troops Lack

When American Companies Insist They Can Provide It

December 10, 2004
Dear Secretary Rumsfeld:

The recent reports of inadequate armor for U.S. military vehicles in Iraq have been followed by statements from suppliers that they could be doing more to provide armor for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the last two days, Armor Holdings, Inc. stated it is capable of immediately expanding its production by 22%. ArmorWorks has indicated they are only at 50% of capacity in their manufacturing of armor kits. AM General, the manufacturer of Humvees, also indicated it had excess production capacity.

Yesterday, my staff heard from Protective Armored Systems (PAS) of Massachusetts. PAS manufactures bullet-resistant windows and has previously provided kits for Humvees. Foster-Miller, another Massachusetts company, has already provided add-on armor for Humvees to the Marine Corps. Both firms stand ready to assist your efforts to give America’s soldiers and Marines the best gear and protection available.

I know you agree that no soldier should be put in harm's way without adequate armor. I urge you to investigate immediately why troops are going without the equipment they need when American companies say they can provide it.

We must never spare any expense when it comes to the lives and safety of our troops. I encourage you to reach out to American manufacturers, like those in Massachusetts, who are ready and able to contribute to meeting the immediate needs of our men and women in uniform.

If I can be of any assistance in this regard, please let me know.

John F. Kerry

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