Monday, December 13, 2004

Sour Grapes? Partisan Hacks?

Members of the Massachusetts Electoral College vented their frustration today with the election results. Their contention is that the election was "marred by voter intimidation and fraud".

In response to this Republicans claimed that the Dem's were having a hard time coming to terms with Kerry's loss and it was a case of "Sour Grapes".

"This is sour grapes," said Tim O'Brien, executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party. "There is no dispute Bush won the election. Even John Kerry concedes that."

Republicans also said the views of electors don't represent the views of average voters.

"The people chosen to be electors are the most partisan hacks around. I take what they say with as much salt as in the Rock of Gibraltar," said Republican analyst Jim Nuzzo.

Well, I certainly would think that if Republican analyst Jim Nuzzo feels that way, he must mean that ALL who are chosen to be electors, from both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are partisan hacks! If the shoe fits... wear it...

Quite frankly, I agree with Massachusetts Electors assessment that "the country should work to make the elections as accurate and fair as possible, especially at a time when the United States is trying to spread democracy to other countries".


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