Monday, August 16, 2004

The Kerry 2004 Reference Library

The Kerry 2004 Reference Library has been formed with over 600 articles to help promote the campaign, debunk attacks, and provide ammunition against Mad Cowboy Disease. The addition of considerable more information is planned. It is hoped this information will be especially helpful for people writing letters to the editor or debating the issues on line. If you're in the middle of a hot debate (or troll bashing) open a second browser window with the Reference Library and quickly get the facts to make your case.

The project grew out of the News section of the camapign's official forum, but has now been greatly expanded. Articles are divided by topics, and are also searchable at the site.

While concentrating on reference articles on the candidates' background and the issues, some of the more interesting daily news stories are also included. There's even a section on The Wisdom of George W. Bush with quotes from the President.

Besides news, the site includes a discussion section, and an area where members can post information on their web sites, Kerry stores, or whatever else they are involved in.

The Kerry 2004 Reference Library is at


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