Monday, August 09, 2004

Are All Bush Supporters This Gullible?

The week has seen a number of comments from Bush supporters which share one thing in common--the attacks are based upon information which the slightest bit of research would show they are completely untrue.

The Bush campaign realizes this but they don't care. They know that their supporters will accept what they say, and go on to repeat it, without doing the slightest bit of fact checking.

First there was the attack by GOP operatives falsely claiming to have served with John Kerry and making untrue claims about his military record. These were easily discredited by the military record, and by those who actually served with John Kerry and are supporting him. Sevaral stories on this have already been posted here. Besides the main stories, check the comments as many more reports are included. Even Republicans from John McCain to Rudy Gulliani have condemned these dirty attacks. We are still waiting for Bush to do the same.

Another blogger posted a claim that Kerry has not released his military records. The slightest bit of fact checking would show that Kerry released his records weeks ago, as soon as these charges were raised against him. This is in contrast to George Bush, who has yet to produce any records which disprove the arguments that he went AWOL from the National Guard. Kerry's military records are posted at
We are still waiting to see Bush's military records.

Another comment claims that John and Teresa Kerry own tons of overseas plants, considering this a contradiction of Kerry's campaign comments on outsourcing. Again, the slightest attempt at researching the ownership of Heinz would show that neither John nor Teressa have any ownership of the company. Nor do they have anything to do with running the business, which typically supports Republicans. Teresa runs the Heinz Philanthropic Foundation, which has nothing to do with running the company. Not that it matters, but even Heinz's ownership of overseas plants is irrelevant to Kerry's comments on outsourcing. Heinz is a multinational corporation which both produces and sells products in many countries, and is not an example of outsourcing American jobs.

Hearing the same unfounded attacks repeatedly tells something significant about the opposition. John Kerry is running a positive campaign based upon what he plans to do when he takes office. George Bush cannot run on his record. Therefore he must try to obtain support by spreading unfounded accusations against his opponents. It's not only this year--the same was true in his previous races. We have the false attacks above, and many more like them. Even though George Bush has repeatedly flip flopped on issue after issue since taking office, and John Kerry has been very consistent on the issues, Bush repeats claims of flip flopping. Bush knows that his gullible supporters will believe whatever they hear, regardless of how absurd the accusation.


Blogger Pamela Leavey said...

I'll sleep better with John Kerry in the White House!

11:23 PM  
Blogger TNB said...

Are All Bush Supporters This Gullible?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Why shouldn't they be, considering that the press is at least equally as gullible, if not more so. At least Bush supporters have SOME excuse. What excuse can the press possibly give for being so lazy, complacent, complaisant, intimidated, cowed, muddled, obedient, and heads-up-their-asses?

7:44 AM  

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