Monday, March 15, 2004

Reverend Al Sharpton Endorses John Kerry

John Kerry, Democratic Candidate for President, issued the following statement today on Reverend Al Sharpton’s endorsement of his campaign for the presidency.

“Over the course of the past year, I have come to appreciate the warmth and candor Reverend Al Sharpton exhibited in so many primary debates and forums across America. No one can argue with his ability to cut through the double-talk we see coming from this Administration.
“I welcome his endorsement and thank him for helping to unify the Democratic Party toward our common goal: to beat George Bush in November and put America back on the right track.

“As Al Sharpton has pointed out so many times, in so many places, this Administration’s policy toward America’s cities has been one of neglect. The unemployment rate for African-American males in New York City is near fifty percent. Three million more Americans have slipped into poverty while George Bush has been in the White House and serious crimes are back on the upswing. Al Sharpton and I agree on the need for a real urban agenda that brings change and progress to America’s cities.

“I thank Reverend Sharpton for his endorsement and look forward to working with him and all Democrats in the months ahead. It is time to lead America in a new direction and give those who have been ignored for too long a government that hears their voices and addresses their concerns.”



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