Friday, February 06, 2004

John Kerry can easily beat Bush!

We need to nominate someone for president who can beat Bush. Kerry beats Bush in the polls in a head-to-head contest, and is the only one who does so consistently. I was recently asked to name the top 10 reasons why Bush needs to be removed from the White House. It'll be difficult to narrow it to just 10, but here I'll try:


10. If Bush gets another craving for pretzels, the former head of Halliburton is the LAST person you want with first crack at ripping off the country.

9. Republicans used to say that you can't trust liberals with your money. But even liberals don't borrow and spend like this!

8. Only Bush can tell 57 exaggerations and inconsistencies in 54 minutes.

7. Nixon deleted 18 minutes of evidence. Bush swallows 1800 minutes of fake evidence and then tells 18,000 hours of lies in three years.

6. Johnson spent a billion here and a billion there, and then it began to add up. Bush spends a trillion here and a trillion there, and it's beginning to add up. But under Johnson we built housing projects for the poor, improved education, added health care for the elderly, and all that ON TOP OF fighting an unpopular overseas war we had no business getting involved in. Bush fights the unpopular overseas war but guts all the programs here at home.

5. John Kerry actually KNOWS what it's like to fight in an overseas war.

4. Charity for the downtrodden and removal of Weapons of Mass Deception begins at home.

3. We need to get rid of the constant "Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" (book title by Al Franken)

2. The release of hot air by one more person living in Texas is tolerable. The release of hot air regarding global warming in the White House is hurting all of us.

And the number one reason why we need to replace Bush with John Kerry IS..............

1. The equal rights of women, minorities, dissidents, and the poor are in jeopardy as long as THIS greedhead is in power!


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