Thursday, February 05, 2004

A lot has been said been said about John Kerry over the past few months. Yet, I have always held on to my beliefs that John Kerry was the best the best candidate in the field of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Necessity was the mother of John Kerry's reinvention.

He was long-winded, so he shortened his speeches. He was distant, so he started talking to voters in personal terms. Seen as privileged, he surrounded himself with fellow Vietnam combat veterans. Seen as arrogant, the Massachusetts senator demonstrated humility, often embracing voters and telling them, "I love you."

There was no humility on the afternoon in early September when I was introduced to John Kerry as his "First Blogger". With tears in his eyes, Kerry looked at me and said "Really... I Love You!" As he reached out to hug me, John Kerry thanked me for all I had done for his campaign. Those words and that hug, were genuine and heartfelt and so is John Kerry!

Thank you, John Kerry. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of your campaign.


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