Saturday, November 15, 2003

It's all about the issues and communication...

The Kerry campaign broke the internet mold last week launching a new Internet Town Meeting! In just 7 days the John Kerry Internet Town Meeting has become the hot page on

Why is it so hot over over there... It's all about the issues and communication! Kerry supporters are like their candidate, strong on the issues and hot debaters! Just take a gander at the topics and you'll see something no other Democratic candidate is offering on the internet, a place to discuss the meat and potatoes of the race for the 2004 White House.

This was a bold move for the Kerry campaign and it has been well received by Kerry supporters and supporters of the other candidates as well. Among the hot topics of discussion are "Fighting for America's Veterans", "Iraq and Foreign Policy", Kerry On Women's Issues, Blog Topics, Campaign News and the ever popular Open Discussion.

Granted I am a bit biased about the John Kerry Internet Town Meeting, I have been a volunteer for the Kerry campaign for a few months now and I am considered to be very vocal in my support for John Kerry. However, sometimes someone comes along who just knows how to build a better mousetrap... or in this case a better web site!


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