Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Live Online Chat with Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson- the man who blew the whistle on faulty intelligence in Iraq- and on White House retaliation against his wife.

This Wednesday, October 29, at 11:00 am EST

The following (after my salutation) is John Kerry's description of what happened, who blew the whistle, and why this chat is important, in helping remind us of: HOW DISHONEST AND CORRUPT THE BUSH MIS-MINISTRATION IS!


Joe Wilson gained national prominence when he brought to light the Bush Administration's bogus claims that Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium from Niger.

The first President Bush appointed Wilson as Ambassador to two African countries. Under President Clinton, Wilson was in charge of African Affairs at the National Security Council. President George W. Bush's Administration sent Wilson to Africa to investigate claims that Saddam Hussein was seeking to buy materials for weapons of mass destruction.

Now’s your chance to ask Joe Wilson about the yellow cake, the White House leak, and Niger Uranium…he’ll also address questions about his time in Baghdad, his diplomatic career, and what’s to be done about our current situation in Iraq.
To join the chat, log on to http://www.johnkerry.com/chat/
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