Friday, September 19, 2003


I read a piece that was featured on the Dean blog today, this particular part stuck with me.

“The Dean campaign in recent weeks has come close to being overwhelmed by the demands of its own process, as the Internet, fund-raising and memberships drives, visibility days, Meetup numbers and massive rallies shift attention from what a Dean presidency would actually do for America to the technical mechanisms of winning. Even though Dean's most ardent supporters talk about his message, the impression that the campaign neglects developing clear, detailed positions on the issues is a common complaint on the Dean blog, and one at times reinforced by Dean himself. “

"Most of my support is not on the issues, which is why I've never worried about where I am on the political spectrum," Dean told reporters on his late August Sleepless Summer Tour. "It isn't so much what I say, it's how I say it”

I have to respectfully disagree with Dr. Dean on this, I think it is what you say and not how you say it. This is not about just winning an election, it is about who is the most qualified to be President of the United States. In this time of such historical importance, this time of critical crossroads to be chosen, who will our country choose to lead us? Will we still look for the guy who talks the most like we do? Will we seek out a person who deals in black and white, good and evil? Should we go for the person that really seems to just say what is on their mind?

NO, please not again. We are not a Fraternity trying to pick the pledge that will be the most fun. Much of the country did not seem to mind that Bush did not have a command of the issues, because he seemed like a nice guy. Now we all know how dangerous the “nice guy” can be. Believe me I'm not comparing Dean to Bush, not even close. I am just making the point that we must move into serious mode, to deal with this very serious day. The time has come to pick our President based on what he can do and will do in office.

As Democrats we owe it to ourselves to pick the person who will make the best President for every American, even those we disagree with. We can not allow ourselves to pick our nominee based on the Democratic Primary and who has the most exciting campaign, or who has the best line. Maybe in another time, but not now. We need the person who will step into office and start to clean up Bush’s mess, on the first day.

Dr. Dean's own words say to us that he is not supported based on the issues. John Kerry’s support is mostly grounded in the issues. It is not how he says it that is important, it is what he says and what he has done for his country that should really matter to us all.

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