Thursday, September 18, 2003

I think that one of the top issues that puts John Kerry far above the rest of the field of Democratic candidates is his solid environmental record. There is no guessing game as to how committed he is and more importantly his plans go beyond protection of our environment and reach to job creation and enhanced National Security. I am posting the following from and I ask all Kerry supporters to arm themselves with this information and to go out and spread the word. This issue touches everyone.

Make America More Secure by Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil, Says Kerry
Plan Would Create 500,000 Jobs, Protect Environment
June 13, 2003

Cedar Rapids, IA

Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry today unveiled a plan to increase America's national security by ending our dependence on foreign oil within 10 years.

Kerry unveiled his plan at VFW Post 788 in Cedar Rapids. "Our national security is at stake and we have to act today, not wait for decades while new crises threaten or strike," said Kerry. "Setting a national goal of ending our reliance on Middle East oil within this next decade is critical to the long-term national security of the United States. No foreign government can embargo clean, domestic, renewable sources of energy -- and no terrorist can seize control of them."

"Instead of indefinitely sending that money to the Mideast, we should launch an energy strategy to invest in the Midwest and in the rest of America, generating new jobs and new technologies here at home."

The plan's highlights include:

Reducing dependence on foreign oil through new Energy Security Trust Fund. The Fund would use oil and gas royalty revenues to invest in technologies that reduce our dependence on foreign oil

Increasing fuel efficiency and speeding transition to renewable fuels for transportation.

Increasing the use of renewable fuels to produce 20% of our electricity by 2020 and creating 500,000 new jobs.

Making our government, our homes and our communities more energy efficient.

Expanding the supply of natural gas.

Making coal part of our 21st Century energy solution.

Redirecting unwarranted subsidies to invest in the energy technology of the future.

"Today we have an energy policy of big oil, by big oil and for big oil. It may work for their profits, but it will never work for America," said Kerry. "And yet George Bush persists in pursuing a course that can only be described as energy dependence - an approach, that despite all his boasts about a stronger America, will actually risk our hopes, make us weaker, and make both our economy and our country more vulnerable to blackmail by hostile powers."

Kerry said his plan was a vastly better than the false choices the Bush Administration has proposed.

"There is a better way. With common-sense investments in advancing and speeding breakthroughs, we can literally, on large scale, for the first time in human history, harness the natural world around us to light and power the world we live in - the sun, the wind, water, and a rich array of crops can provide us with secure forms of energy at reasonable costs for a modern 21st century economy," said Kerry.

"We can use new technologies and innovations to recast existing sources of energy - like oil, coal, and natural gas - and use them more cleanly and efficiently. We can do all this while creating jobs, not losing them."


Within a Decade, America Will No Longer Have to Rely on Middle East Oil
Would Create 500,000 New Jobs Over the Next Decade

John Kerry is outlining a comprehensive energy plan that will tap America's initiative and ingenuity to strengthen our national security, grow our economy and protect our environment.

Americans spend more than $20 billion each year on oil from the Persian Gulf -- often from nations that are unstable and hostile to our interests and values. John Kerry believes that we must end this dangerous dependence, which makes American security and the American economy vulnerable to the vagaries of international oil markets. It is time to break with the past and build an American energy future.

John Kerry's plan would increase and enhance domestic energy sources and provide incentives to help Americans use energy more cleanly and efficiently. When sixty five percent of the world's known oil reserves lie beneath the Persian Gulf states, we cannot drill our way to independence. We can, however, employ new technology to use energy more efficiently and develop and promote domestic and renewable sources of energy. This kind of energy is entirely under our control. No foreign government can embargo them. No terrorist can seize control of them. And by meeting this challenge, we will not only strengthen American security, we will grow our economy and protect our environment.


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