Thursday, June 26, 2003

Kerry Rally before the League of Conservation Voters Forum

The League of Conservation Voters Forum was held tonight in Los Angeles. Although the actual Forum news is not out yet, I had the pleasure of being among the hundreds of Angelenos who turned out to greet John Kerry this afternoon before the Forum! It was an exciting moment when Senator Kerry arrived and made his way through the crowd shaking hands and speaking with his supporters. I was able to have a moment with the Senator myself and tell him I was a former MA resident and constituent. Senator Kerry flashed me huge smile and said, "Good, so you will be campaigning for me in L.A. now." "Yes, Senator Kerry, I will!." He thanked me and my daughter for coming out to greet him, and moved his way through the crowd.

Up on the stairs, Senator Kerry took a few moments to let his supporters know that he will work hard to beat Bush and turn our country around. We all tagged along as Senator Kerry made his way to the entrance. He was warm, affable and genuine. There will a fundraiser or two here in Los Angeles over the next couple of days for Senator Kerry. I urge you to show Senator Kerry your support....


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