Thursday, June 12, 2003

How you can help John Kerry

Forward the following to your friends:

I noticed that you're interested in John Kerry's Presidential campaign. I want to let you know that there are some online resources available for people who want to know more about Kerry or who want to know how they can help John Kerry get the Democratic nomination. This is not a normal election; it is one of the most critical elections in our country's history, and we simply cannot afford to lose. Leftist angry rhetoric feels good, but it will lose us the election. John Kerry, by contrast, is a decorated Vietnam veteran with a stellar record of liberal accomplishment. I first noticed him when he led the congressional fight for more money for fighting AIDS in Africa, something that didn't bring him accolades but did save lives. He's experienced, effective, and principled, and exactly the man to lead us to victory in 2004.

Max Cleland, veteran Senator from Georgia, and scores of others recognize this, and I hope you will too. Join other volunteers in John Kerry's Online Grassroots Effort!

MEETUP with other Kerry supporters!

SIGN-UP for the Kerry listservs!

READ MORE about Kerry!

Thanks for allowing yourself to get spammed. Also, sorry for the spamming.


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