Wednesday, June 11, 2003

From Altercation and The Washington Post

"Harold Meyerson, reading the Pew study of world attitudes:"

"The number of people holding a favorable view of the United States has plunged in the wake of the war. Last summer the percentage of Germans who viewed us positively was 61 percent; today it’s 45 percent. In France, our favorability rating has declined from 63 percent then to 43 percent now. In Spain, where Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's government supported the war, U.S. favorability ratings are down to a scant 38 percent."

"That's the bad news. The good news is that these same people are able to distinguish between Americans and their misguided leaders in a way our Neocon-dominated punditocracy cannot."

"For the rest of the planet, the problem isn't Clinton's guys, it's Bush. In nation after nation, people affirm democratic ideals that they still generally associate with the United States -- but not with its president. In the 21 nations polled last month, respondents in 17 said that the problem with the United States was "mostly Bush" rather than "Americans in general."

We can put a strong leader - John Kerry in the White House and change the world view!
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