Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kerry & McCain to Debate Iraq on ‘Meet The Press’

John Kerry and John McCain will be on "Meet The Press' Sunday morning to debate the Iraq War:

Exclusive! Senators John Kerry (D-MA) & John McCain (R-AZ) debate the war in Iraq. How will the Petraeus report affect U.S. policy? We'll discuss the future of the War with two key senators and Vietnam veterans -- only on "Meet the Press."

This is don't miss Sunday morning TV! Last Sunday, Kerry and McCain were on 'This Week', but the show was not in a debate format, Kerry's interview followed McCain's and Kerry was able to wipe the floor with McCain's 'stay the course' stance on Iraq. Before Kerry decided not to run in '08, I thought the perfect face-off for '08 was perhaps John Kerry and John McCain. McCain's candidacy has fallen flat now, and as for John Kerry, he's still leading the charge on ending the war in Iraq.

The Blue State has the full Sunday line-up here which includes General Wesley Clark and Senator Chris Dodd on "CNN Late Edition". Clark endorsed Hillary Clinton on Saturday.

Let's hope the debate doesn't get tied up on the MoveOn ad kerfluffle and McCain's comments on Saturday that MoveOn “ought to be thrown out of this country.” McCain has taken to carrying "a blown-up, laminated poster of the MoveOn ad to his campaign stops" proving he has an issue with the First Amendment: Freedom of Speech. We live in a country, last I checked, that people and organizations don't get thrown out of the country, for expressing their views.

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