Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kerry Was Right on Terrorism

The Carpetbagger Report shows how today's announcement on the terrorist plot shows that Kerry got it right on Terrorism. They recalled how Bush bashed Kerry back in 2004:

"Kerry said, and I quote, 'The war on terror is far less of a military operation and far more of an intelligence-gathering law enforcement operation.' (Audience boos.) I disagree. I disagree….. After the chaos and carnage of September the 11th, it is not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers. With those attacks, the terrorists and supporters declared war on the United States of America — and war is what they got. (Audience applauds.)

The Carpetbagger Report quotes Will Bunch in noting that, "Most of the big victories in "the war on terror" have been racked up by cops, not by soldiers. Why, it's almost as if terrorism is a law-enforcement problem -- and less of a threat when it's handled well in that fashion." As The Carpetbagger concludes, "Today, however, helps highlight exactly what Kerry was talking about, and what Bush derided as nonsense to considerable Republican applause."

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