Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Problem with TNR

The New Republic has an editorial entitled The Problem with John Kerry. Yes, this is the same TNR which supported the war and endorsed Joe Lieberman. When they had various editors write their reasons for supporting each candidate, they totally ignored John Kerry.

My response as posted at TNR:

The problem with TNR is that it still thinks it is a plausible source for political thought. Using something as trivial as a photography auction to support the ridiculous claims about John Kerry is yet another example.

TNR is no more correct today than it was in 2003 when it backed Lieberman and ignored John Kerry when providing the case for the various Democratic candidates.

John Kerry was always clear as to his position on Iraq. It was just certain journalists and partisans who attempted to obfuscate his position by misquoting him and distorting his views.


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