Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Inc. Magazine Names John Kerry "Entrepreneur-friendly" Member of Congress

Inc. Magazine has an article naming the top four members of Congress who are "entrepreneur-friendly." John Kerry is named one of the "Best Friends In D.C.: On the Hill" for small businesses. Of course this is no small secret to Democrats and many small business owners, but the fact is, Republicans constantly try to paint the picture that they are the small business friendly crowd. Not true, unless you count large corporations like Wal-Mart as small businesses.

Sen. John Kerry, Democrat from Massachusetts
Ranking minority member, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee

Republicans pilloried Kerry as antibusiness during the 2004 campaign, but few senators have done as much to promote entrepreneurship. Back in 1985, he sought out a spot on the Small Business Committee--a low-profile post for an ambitious man.

His signature initiative in recent years, the BRIDGE Act, would create tax breaks on small-business stock. The bill hasn't gone very far, largely because he is a member of the minority party. But in November the Senate did pass Kerry's plan to provide low-interest loans to drought-stricken small businesses.

He has also hounded the SBA over procurement data that makes it seem as if the government is awarding more contracts to small businesses than it is.

"John Kerry is the biggest friend small businesses have in Congress," says Lloyd Chapman, head of the nonpartisan American Small Business League.
As I small business owner, myself, I frequently write about small business here. The Bush administration has been consistently portrayed as small business friendly, but in truth it's just the opposite. Click here for more on John Kerry and small business.


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