Wednesday, January 04, 2006

O’Reilly Knows Letterman Can Spot a Phony

Earlier I reported about David Letterman stating that 60% of what Bill O’Reilly says crap. How perceptive is David Letterman? Do we trust his judgement about Bill O’Reilly? To answer these question, I turn to Bill O’Reilly, writing about David Letterman in 2001 at WorldNetDaily:

The late-night program hosted by David Letterman is the toughest interview show on television.

That’s because Mr. Letterman is a smart guy who can spot a phony with telescopic accuracy and expects his guests to bring something to the table. If a guest begins to sink on this show, the bottom is a long way down.


Blogger Van said...

Wow! That is unbelievablly funny!

If you want the real scoop on inaccurate O'Reilly is, go to Founded by David Brock, a former hardline conservative, the site show how silly the mainstream media really is and forces them to deal with the truth.

Most of them just call Brock's site a "hate monger site"


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