Thursday, January 19, 2006

John Kerry on The Situation Room from Baghdad

John Kerry was on CNN’s The Situation Room again today in an interview taped earlier in the day from Baghdad. Kerry is winding down his trip to the Middle East and is expected back in the U.S. tomorrow.

If you missed the interview on CNN you can watch it here in 2 parts (QT only), no commercials: Part 1 of “Kerry in Iraq” and Part 2 of “Kerry in Iraq”.

The interviewed touched on various issues happening on the ground now in Iraq, including the kidnapping of CSM reporter Jill Carroll (see my post here for Kerry’s comments), more suicide bombings and more deaths today and Blitzer asked Kerry if he felt the situation there is “getting better or is it getting worse?”

Blitzer tried to pin Kerry into saying that the Al Qaida was the problem in Iraq, the BS Bush administration meme. Kerry was not buying it…

“The fact is that Al Qaida is not the principal problem of Iraq. The principal problem of Iraq is a larger group of people who reject the current direction because of the shape of the constitution, because of a history of cultural confrontation, and because of their current fears that they are not going to be protected.”



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