Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2, 2005 - One Year Later: What a Stronger Country We Could Have Been

It is hard to believe that some people still think that George W. Bush is doing a good job as president. Why haven’t some people finally seen the light? We’ve heard references to Voter’s Remorse occasionally in the news, yet, some still stubbornly cling to the wrong-minded views perpetuated by the Bush administration and MSM.

The Bush administration is an affront to America. We see almost daily an assault on the very foundation of our country – the U.S. Constitution. On Monday, as Rosa Parks – a heroine of the civil rights movement, lay in the Rotunda, in an unprecedented tribute, George W. Bush nominated Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Alito has a record of standing against civil rights, yet, George W. Bush had no qualms with offering up his nomination, while Rosa Parks lay in state.

Think about how different the past year would have been if John Kerry were President.

Think about that if, in spite of defeating a sitting wartime President in three nationally televised debates, the Kerry campaign had not been edged out by the Swift Boat sliming smear tactics. Think about the fact the MSM was complicit in blocking Patrick Fitzgerald's CIA leak investigation. Think about the politics of fear that manifested as an October surprise - Osama Bin Laden’s appearance on tape which Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto labeled a "Kerry endorsement by Bin Laden."

Think about how different things could have been. This isn't just abstract could-have-been thinking. It is real. It is based on the facts. And, it has serious consequences for our families, our children, our troops, our veterans, our environment, and our country.

How do we know? Because a year ago, John Kerry made clear promises and offered specific plans that would have made America a very, very different place. Take a look at what could have been...



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