Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Kerry WIns Praise From Fellow Jurors

The Boston Globe reports that John Kerry was called for jury duty, and “As foreman, Kerry wins praise from fellow jurors.” Here are some selections from the article. There sure were a lot of Bush voters at this trial in a blue state, but at least they came out of this with a favorable opinion of Kerry.

Cynthia Lovell, a registered Republican, voted for President Bush a year ago, but during 90 minutes behind closed doors with his rival, Senator John F. Kerry, yesterday, she had to admit he was a smart, down-to-earth guy.

Joe Wesolaski, who works for a brokerage firm, declined to say how he voted but emerged from the same closed-door session praising Kerry as a natural leader who was eager to hear everyone’s point of view.

‘’I just found him to be a knowledgeable, normal person,” said Lovell, a Charlestown nurse. ‘’He kept us focused. He wanted us all to have our own say.”

Lovell said she sensed that Kerry wanted to keep a low profile during deliberations, but one of the jurors promptly suggested he be elected foreman because of his experience in the limelight and skills as a public speaker. Kerry agreed to do it and began discussing the evidence.

Lovell was so impressed by the senator that she said she regrets voting for Bush.

Glenn Fortier represented the plaintiffs, John Duarte and Taneiko Smith, who said they suffered strains and bruises in the accident with a car driven by the headmaster of Boston’s Health Careers Academy. Two city lawyers attorneys defended Albert Holland, who allegedly passed their van on the right and collided with it.

Fortier said he was stunned to see Kerry sitting in the pool of perspective jurors Monday, but had no qualms about him serving. ‘’I think he’s a very intelligent man, and I’ve had respect for everything he’s accomplished,” said Fortier, who voted for Bush.


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