Thursday, October 27, 2005

John Kerry Interview with Alan Colmes

After watching John Kerry's speech at Georgetown just a while ago on C-Span, I moved on to watch the video of Alan Colmes interviewing John Kerry. It was far better than I anticipated...

Watch the interview here.

The transcript is available here.

Here's a quip from the interview...

COLMES: On my radio show at night, people will sometimes -- conservatives will call and say, "You know what, I'm really sorry I cast my vote for President Bush. And we play Brenda Lee and "I'm Sorry" and ask them to sing along.

COLMES: Do you find sometimes the people you meet express to you buyer's remorse?

KERRY: Yes, sure people come up to me. But look, again, I don't want to go backward; I want to go forward. We've got some big issues. We've got a country that desperately needs to be energy independent. There's so much we could do to create new jobs in America, to put people to work, to reduce the cost of gasoline for people. We're not doing it.

There's so much we could be doing to bring other countries to the table to help us in this effort. There's so much we could be doing to still fix our schools, to create new jobs. And yet the big fight in Washington is whether or not people earning more than a million dollars a year are going to get $32 billion worth of tax cuts next year.

When people talk about morality and values, we ought to apply a little morality and values to the fundamental choice that what goes into our budget and who is represented by it.


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