Wednesday, September 21, 2005

John Kerry Opposes Roberts’ Nomination for Chief Justice

Breaking news: John Kerry Opposes Roberts’ Nomination for Chief Justice

Below is a statement by Senator John Kerry on the upcoming vote on Judge John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the United States:

“I can’t in good conscience vote to confirm Judge Roberts to a lifetime leading our third and co-equal branch of government when his confirmation hearings contained no genuine legal engagement, no real exchange of information, and no substantive discussion. The confirmation exercise has become little more than an empty shell. I cannot vote to confirm someone to lead the very branch of government responsible for ensuring equal opportunity and justice when he refuses to say where he stands on things as fundamental as how he would interpret our Constitution.

“The White House’s refusal to release documents presented a significant obstacle to getting the facts, but the biggest roadblock has been Judge Roberts himself. He has evaded serious and legitimate questions and forced the Senate to exercise its Constitutional responsibility of advice and consent virtually in the dark.

“What little we do know about Judge Roberts’ record gives me real concern. We need a Chief Justice who respects our Constitution and also considers the real-life implications of his decisions. Whether it’s voting rights, Title IX, affirmative action, the Geneva Conventions or choice, Judge Roberts has consistently worked to put such high legal hurdles in place that they are virtually impossible for even the most worthy cases to overcome. America deserves a Chief Justice who will ensure that every single one of us - man or woman, rich or poor, black or white - will be treated with dignity, respect and fairness under the law.”


Blogger BobsAdvice said...


John Kerry is once again on the mark. We know that Roberts is bright. But what America does not know is what he stands for. Biden explained how confirmation hearings are the only place elected officials have the ability to evaluate an appointment. The founders of the Constitution wanted the Senate's advice and consent. How can they do that in the dark. The White House stonewalled requests for information, and Roberts, as planned, refused to reveal what he stood for. Only Bush knows.

A great post! Keep up the great work.


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Anonymous Jerry said...

To boil it down-- slick Johnny Roberts shows no sign of believing in the essence of the Constitution--its 'general welfare' clause. With the ravages of Katrina and the need for FDR-style infrastructure- building, that makes him the wrong guy.

He seems to be a throwback to the Court in the 1920s and early 30s that found unemployment insurance and minimum wages unconstitutional and child labor constitutional!. Ironically, one of the stalwarts of that Court was a Justice Roberts (Owen)who ultimately changed his tune, and the Court majority with it, only after FDR had been reelected in a landslide in 1936 and Roberts feared FDR might muster the votes to pack the Court against him.

And you guys thought I was only an expert on LaRouche!

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