Monday, August 22, 2005

The Republicans Owe Kos Thanks For His Help To Their Cause

Here’s just one more example of how Kos’s absurd and counterproductive attacks on Kerry come back to haunt us. The right wing media and blogosphere has been attacking Kerry for his calls for release of documents on John Roberts by continuing their claims that Kerry didn’t release his military records. They ignore the inconvenient fact that Kerry did release all his military records before the election.

The Form 180 signed in June was further proof that the military documents released before the election were complete and accurate. Of course they pretend that the records were not released until June when the Form 180 was signed. They also ignore their own arguments from before the election that signing Form 180 was a definitive way to determine the truth and no longer accept the evidence which exonerated Kerry. They also ignore the fact that George Bush has still failed to release his own National Guard records.

Accuracy in Media which is more right (as in right wing) than accurate raised this issue again today. In order to give the appearance of fairness they even quoted from left as well as right. They had no problem finding an attack on Kerry from Kos (which I won’t bother to quote here).


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