Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kennedy Confronts Right Wingers

Senator Kennedy is directly going after the right wing, and taking advantage of their attacks to raise money, in today’s email:

I have been a "Prime Target" of the right wing for decades, and they're not letting up now!

I wear it as a badge of honor - they've bestowed it on me because I speak out against them, and they know I always will. I fight for working Americans, when right-wingers are bent on helping corporate donors. And, I don't back down when it comes to resisting any and all of their shameful attempts to turn the Senate into a rubber stamp for the President.

With your help over the past four months, my voice is stronger, and we're fighting harder for our troops in Iraq and their families at home. We're fighting for a stronger economy, for good jobs, for better education, and for decent health care and full civil rights for all.

And we're fighting to make sure that Americans' voices are heard when Supreme Court nominee John Roberts comes before the Senate.

We need to show the right wing that their number one target in the Senate never walks alone. Your support will help make it clear we will not back down:

The right-wing fringe is not having a good year.

Their scheme to privatize Social Security could not even make it to the full Senate for debate. With the support of concerned citizens across the country, Senate Democrats stood strong and protected the retirement security of millions of Americans.

A few reasonable Republican Senators couldn't swallow their Party's attempt to pack the courts with right-wing judges. With your help we were able to block Senator Frist's plan to abuse his power and unleash the nuclear option on the Senate floor.

Now, with the Supreme Court vacancy on the line, right-wing groups are spending millions of dollars to get their way. So, you and I need to make sure that John Roberts isn't rubber-stamped onto the Supreme Court. He deserves a full hearing, in which the voices of Americans are fairly heard, and there's no cover-up of his record.

These are the battles that I intend to keep fighting. That's why the right wing keep attacking me, and they'll do all they can to make sure that in 2006 I will face a tough campaign challenge to divert my attention between now and next year's elections.

With your help and strong support, that strategy won't work.

With your contribution now, you can do your part, and tell the right wing in no uncertain terms that we've only just begun to fight:

They don't believe you can do it - but, I know you can.

Over the past few months I've been impressed at what you've accomplished. I want to continue my work for you, and make a window on the Senate and a place we can work together to achieve the great goals in store, and keep America from turning back.

Your support right now will show the right wing that we are serious about these battles, and that we intend to prevail in '06 - the best antidote of all to the bitter right-wing agenda is the election of a Democratic Senate:

Thank you for your support - I'll never let you down.


Edward M. Kennedy


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