Monday, August 15, 2005

Cheated Soldiers: Kerry Military Family Bills of Rights Stuck in Senate Finance Committee

The Sunday Boston Globe had an excellent OP/ED on the self-employed members of the National Guard who get little in the way of support from the government when they go on active duty and often end up suffering financial hardship or losing their business.

The OP/ED highlights John Kerry's Military Family Bill of Rights, which has been stuck in the Senate Finance Committee since February. Earlier in the month the Boston Globe featured an article about members of the Guard who have struggled to keep their businesses afloat while on active duty and the Globe referenced Kerry's Military Family Bill of Rights in that piece as well. I wrote about
that article here.

In a nutshell, the Boston Globe believes that "The proposals deserve bipartisan support and speedy passage at a time when troop shortages strain all branches of the military and when Reservists and National Guard members have taken on an increasing role overseas. Lieutenant Colonel Lou Leto, public affairs director for the Reserve Officers Association of the United States, said that Guard and Reserve troops make up 40 percent of the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan."

I could not agree more. Let's hope that giving this issue some press moves it out of the Senate Finance Committee and on to the Senate Floor for a unamious vote. It's time for Republicans to prove they really do support the troops.

You can read the OP/Ed here.


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