Friday, July 01, 2005

Senator John Kerry On The Retirement of Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

John Kerry issued the following statement today regarding the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the upcoming judicial nomination process.

"24 years after President Reagan demonstrated great courage and judgment in choosing her as the first woman to serve on our nation's highest court, I congratulate Sandra Day O'Connor on her retirement from a lifetime of remarkable public service. Her legacy is an extraordinary record of thoughtfulness, balance, and reason in time and again casting the critical vote in 5-4 cases deciding the most difficult issues in our nation.

"President Bush faces a critical decision in nominating a Supreme Court Justice who on every issue that matters will impact the lives of Americans for generations to come. Constitutional protections including the right to privacy and Roe vs. Wade hang in the balance. This is no small test. The President has the power to unite the country with a nominee who puts the Constitution first, or divide the country and reshape the court with a nominee outside the ideological mainstream. This is a time to remember the responsible choice Ronald Reagan made in nominating Justice O'Connor -- it's important to put the country and the Constitution ahead of any political agenda."

Note: A spokesperson for John Kerry has indicated there will be more from Kerry on this later today.


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