Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Democratic Control of Senate a Possibility in 2006

The conventional wisdom has been that the Democrats will pick up seats in 2006, but have too many open Senate seats to defend to allow them to take control of the Senate. National Journal is now questioning this conventional wisdom:
With just under 18 months to go until Election Day 2006, things continue to look up for Senate Democrats. The ingredients -- violence in Iraq, the uneven economy and partisan tension -- are there for the party to make a comeback after two cycles of GOP dominance

Iraq, the number one issue for voters, is devouring the Republican Party. And with no new moment to look for that doesn't have the word "withdrawal" in it, it's hard to see how the situation improves before next November. We've caught Saddam Hussein, we've turned over power, we've held elections and the level of violence appears to be the same to the lay voter. We've been writing for months that at some point, Iraq was going to hurt the Republicans as much as it helped them in 2002. They lucked out in 2004, but 2006 is a whole new ballgame.
National Journal also ranks the most vulnerable races.


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