Sunday, April 17, 2005

Kerry Right Again--This Time on Iraqui Weapons

It seems that every day or two there is another article showing that Kerry was right and that Bush was wrong. We've seen that Kerry was right in criticizing Bush for "oursourcing" the capture of Bin Laden. We received further evidence just yesterday that Bush was wrong on the claims of links between al Qaeda and Saddam. Today's news is that Kerry was right in the final days of the campaign when he criticized Bush for allowing Iraqui weapons to be stolen. The New York Times reports:
Equipment plundered from dozens of sites in Saddam Hussein's vast complex for manufacturing weapons is beginning to surface in open markets in Iraq's major cities and at border crossings.

Looters stormed the sites two years ago when Mr. Hussein's government fell, and the fate of much of the equipment has remained a mystery.

It is looking more and more that the only thing Bush was right about was Iraq being a source of terroist weapons. Unfortunatley is a problem which came about as a result of George Bush's failed foreign policy.


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