Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Action Alert: William Myers Could Be the Test Vote on the “Nuclear Option”

There is a petition on TedKennedy.com, that John Kerry emailed his supporters about earlier today. Just incased anyone missed the email or is not on his email list, here’s the Action Alert:

Say No To William Myers
William Myers was rejected as a judicial nominee last year, but President Bush has nominated him again. Republican Senate leaders are scheming to win this time – and win at any cost. They intend to seize absolute power by changing the rules to limit the rights of Democrats to be heard.

Myers has spent his career trying to dismantle the protections our courts exist to preserve. He was a former lobbyist for the mining, grazing and cattle industries and a Bush Administration bureaucrat. His only experience has been manipulating laws and regulations for corporate gain, against the public interest. He’s unqualified to sit on the largest federal appellate court in the country.

Sing the Petition Here.

From John Kerry’s email:

"It will come as no surprise to you that Senator Kennedy is in the forefront of efforts to stop the Republican scheme to change the fundamental Senate rules and create a system in which President Bush's judicial appointments can be approved without a single Democratic vote.

Things could all come to a head in the coming days. The focal point may well be William Myers, a nominee rejected last year who's been nominated again. He could be the test vote on the so-called "nuclear option."


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