Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bush Budget Will Raise Prescription Prices for Veterans

In regards to the upcoming budget cuts, Vice President Dick Cheney said today, "We are being tight." Tight Dick? Can you define that for us and explain how “being tight” is not “turning our backs on the most needy people in our society."

Because from where I sit, from what I have read, “the most needy people in our society” are getting screwed, once again by the Bush Administration. As I said here last night, in reference to the budget cuts, the little people are under the big boot of the government.

Here’s my latest example of the Big Boot from the N.Y. Times

President Bush's budget would more than double the co-payment charged to many veterans for prescription drugs and would require some to pay a new fee of $250 a year for the privilege of using government health care, administration officials said Sunday.

Over all, the president is seeking $70.8 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs in the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, say Congressional aides who have seen budget documents from the agency.



Blogger Bob Evans said...


Thanks for posting this. I've been waiting to see what kind of hit veterans would take under Bush's budget. It's about what we expected – he can once again claim that he's increasing funding for VA health care, but an increase that doesn't keep up with medical inflation and increasing need for care means that services will be further cut and care for veterans further rationed.

Remember when our leaders used to forget about veterans AFTER the wars they fought? What I think is really objectionable is that this President doesn’t even wait – he forgets about them while their lives are still on the line in combat zones.

Bush and the Republican leaders in Congress are converting the VA to a system where a veteran has to be disabled or indigent to receive care. It's what one veteran, Larry Scott, calls "Welfarizing" the VA in his excellent article on the subject (,,Scott_011905-P1,00.html ).

Especially objectionable is the fact that veterans will suffer so the wealthy can have continuing tax cuts. Instead of means-testing veterans to deny them the heallth care they’ve EARNED, Mr. President, how about means-testing the wealthy to see if they really NEED those tax cuts?

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