Friday, January 28, 2005

Kerry-Edwards News

Seems like old times, as we have news on both Johns today.

The Washington Post reports on Kerry presenting his Kid's First health care proposals and criticism of George Bush's health care policies:
"Unfortunately," he said, "the White House plans for health care will actually make health care delivery in America worse. . . . The White House plan is this: Let's not import less expensive drugs. Let's not negotiate better drug prices here in America. Let's ignore the 45 million Americans who have no health insurance at all. Let's forget about patients' rights."
Kerry is also calling on Democrats in Massachusetts to defeat Governor Mitt Romney in next year's election. (Link)

John Edwards is perhaps unofficially starting his 2008 campaign in a speech in New Hampshire in early February as E. J. Dionne discusses Edwards' plans to continue from where he left off in the campaign with his two America's theme.


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