Saturday, October 30, 2004

He's No Longer the One

The Bush campaign stopped using the song He's Still the One at campaign rallys after John Hall, who co-wrote the song with ex-wife Johanna Hall, requested that it not be used. Both support John Kerry.

In light of the loss of the use of this campaign song, I'd like to make a suggestion for a song which sums up the Bush philosophy, Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hey! Who are YOU going to vote for? As a fellow American, it most certainly IS my business. It only becomes YOUR secret if, and when you get to the polls. So, why did you choose the party or candidate you picked? Are you an informed voter, or just another one of those passive, brain-dead, go-with-the-flow zombies, who tries to keep up with the latest fad? So, what exactly was it that captured your fancy? Was it their sex appeal? Maybe their hair style? How about peer pressure? Or, perhaps your one of those spineless types, who are to insecure to vote on anything other than that which you perceive is going to be the “winning Team”; regardless of being for better or worse! Do you even know an issue from your asshole, or are you one of those know-it-alls, who gets your facts from talk-radio and late-night comedy TV shows?
Question... Every time you hear the words “terrorism” or “axis of evil”, do you bang your head, ducking under the kitchen table, or piss yourself on the way to the hardware store, to get your trusty plastic wrap and duct tape? Does the phrase “code orange”, make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and send you running through the streets, like Paul Revere, but only with a bucket on your head? Or, perhaps you simply barricade yourself inside your home, and cower in a corner, while praying to your new Texas state quarter and your coveted World Trade Center medallion, minted from pure silver recovered from ground zero! Have you bitten your finger (and toe) nails down to their cuticles, polished off all the liquor in the bar, and hit your doctor up for some nerve pills, while waiting in anxiety to vote for 4 more years of safety and security; under the same leadership that brought you the last 4? If so, get a God damn grip!
If you resemble any, or all of the above remarks, your not alone. Your among the naive half of the public, who is misbehaving exactly the way that Uncle Sam wants you to, and wishes there were a lot more like you. You are a victim of the “Fear Factor”, brought to you by The Project For a New American Century.
Ok, so you didn’t just get off the fucking boat yesterday..., so how in the hell did you get to be so brain-washed then? The answer is simple. In 2000, we the people, sent Al Gore a message that we have little respect for a candidate, who stands by a President who has no respect for the word of law. Many of us made this clear when we voted for Bush. Unfortunately, we found out, after it was too late, that there is something seriously wrong with the “right”! Mind control is not a conspiracy theory, but a political fact of life; that, with the aid of media outlets that are owned and controlled by a hand full of giant corporations, has been in practice for decades. In a few minutes, you’ll find out just how clever this tactic has become lately.
We were told that the Patriot Act was nessesary to enhance intelligence capabilities, in order to prevent further incidents like 9/11. The truth of the matter is, this Act was intended to be available as a tool to help stifle American civilian resistance to corrupt foreign policy. Our government had more than enough intelligence to prevent the 9/11 disaster, but for purposes of their own design, they simply chose to ignore it (see “w199i” on google ). First of all, contrary to popular belief, the President of the United States IS NOT, nor ever has been, the most powerful man in the world; and thank God for that. Our forefathers designed this government specifically to prevent that scenario from playing out. No thanks to the Patriot Act however, he someday could be. The truth is, dominant governments and their global policies are dictated by a handful of the worlds most financial elite (billionaires and trillionaires), heading powerful global industries. Second only to the banking industry, in this category, are the oil industry and the U.S. military industrial complex. It goes without saying that once “big money” American oil companies began running out of reserves, they needed to take control of supplies elsewhere, simply to survive. It also goes without saying that without expansive war conflicts in which to supply, the military industrial complex also seizes to exist. “National Security” has come to mean the “Financial Security” of the bottom lines of a select group of global industrialists. There for, it is only natural that these two industrial giants would join forces, with help from foreign policy “think tanks”, to keep the wheels of profit and progress in motion. Remember Cheneys’ Secret energy policy meeting, and the Haliburton fiasco? Then, there’s the war on terror. How clever to declare war on an idea. That is what terrorism is. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter; and a war against such an idea, may never end. That should keep the toy makers cranking out bombs and bullets indefinitely. As for Bin Ladin, Bin Ladins are a dime a dozen and we have an uncanny knack of being able to flush one out of the wood-work when ever we get bored. Through the use of the media outlets, which they also own, they control the American mind set to such a degree, that they are then poised to capitalize on any lucrative opportunity that comes along, with limited public dissension. They’re vast wealth puts enough preferred people in congress, to make sure that the game is able to be played their way, an to write legislation designed to limit resistance to their plans, from watchdog organizations, to as little as possible. Their bottomless pockets then also fund the campaigns of the candidates they will install in the White House as President. This person will then serve little purpose, other than to be “the man with the keys to the toys”.

So why the scare tactics, you ask? Try and keep up, will you? Saudi Arabia has the largest oil supplies in the world, but they recently told us to pack up our toys and go home. We couldn’t bomb the shit out of them, because the rest of the world would never stand still for it. It would be like the biggest bully on the block, stomping the heck out of a puppy. The second largest supply is in Iraq. Several nations despise that regime, but the idea still had to be sold to the American people. We’re a materialistic people, but we’re also a fare-minded people; and our government can’t just march off to war, without a clear mandate from us. This called for something so tragic, that it would whip us into a submissive “let’s go kick ass” frame of mind. 9/11 was it. Now, even though the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia, we had to be made to believe that it was Iraq who attacked us, so they made it up as they went, along and we bought it, hook, line, and sinker. The rest is history.
While you’re clinging onto the current administration for dear life, in this supposed terror filled “New World Order”, consider the following; If you were paying the least little bit of attention to the propagandic sound bites, between the spectacular footage segments, during the 9/11 media extravaganza that ensued; you should have gotten at least a tiny bit suspicious by the time we got to 9/13. Even someone with the IQ of a pet rock, would have smelled something fishy. Dispite being tailed by the FBI during his get-away flight over our heartland, D. B. Cooper was never found, neither was the millions of dollars he extorted from the Feds. The Zodiac Killer was never cought, even though he taunted the police and even told them where to find the next body, BEFORE each murder. The 3 escapees from Alkatraz were never found, not even their bodily remains. And, if not for his own brother eventually turning him in, after a 21 year bombing spree, Ted Kazinski would still be on the loose, blowing up perseived representatives of fashist capitalism. All together, there are more than a dozen such unsolved major crimes. Many of which have been on the books for decades, and examined by some of the best investigative minds in the country. But then, 9/11/01 rolls around, all the sudden a law enforcement miracle occurs. I mean a TV evangelistic, healing type miracle. Even before all the dust had settled, the Feds got their men, apparently ALL of them! Despite the total lack of fingerprints, DNA, flight data recorder boxes, surviving human witnesses, pre taped confessions, turn-coat stool pigeons, mid-crime photos or videos, or any other immediate physical evidence; yet they solved the whole capper in only a couple days! Absolutely amazing! Before the smoke had cleared, they had the full names, faces, background history, and points of origin, of not just 1, but 19 individuals, from separate backgrounds, who were all totally disintegrated amongst four separate plane crashes, all occurring on the same day! And, I have a dozen mother-load oil fields for sale... in North Korea!
If, by now, I haven’t lost you yet, you’re probably saying to yourself “what a delusional raving lunatic”, but the jokes on you, as you’re about to find out who has really been the fool. Go to your favorite search engine, (I recommend Goggle, but any will do), and type in w199i , and brace yourself for a real shocker. After you review what you are about to find, then ask yourself these 2 questions: # 1. Why are we really in Iraq? And, # 2. What really happened on 9/11?
The “war on terrorism” is 1 part retaliation for American greed and past aggression, and 9 parts political propaganda for the purpose of conducting psychological warfare on the general public. If common sense was able to prevail, one would quickly realize that the idea that “America is under attack”, is little more than a figment of ones’ imagination. Take Israel. They know terrorism, and they get hit on the average of once a week! That’s more than 50 times a year, in a country smaller than the majority of our individual 50 states, with a world renowned intelligence service, superior to ours; and yet they are attacked regularly. On the other hand, our boarder crossings are only sparsely guarded, only 5% of our inbound shipping containers and air cargo is inspected, and millions of illegal aliens are permitted to enter our country each year. It’s been over 150 weeks since 9/11/01 and not so much as a misguided firecracker has gone off over here, even though our country offers more than 50 times the potential available targets then can be found in Israel . It’s not like we haven’t been asking for it, or anything. You might think we’re constantly under the gun though, because every time Bushs’ performance ratings go down we begin to hear erroneous reports of pending terror, sometimes accompanied by questionable tapes and videos; and , the “CODE ORANGE” flag goes up! Where the hell are these damn terrorists? Where’s the human suicide bombers, the subway Gassers, the car and truck bombers, the train wreckers, the mass machine gun assassins? Bush said, “bring ‘em on!” So, where the fuck are they? THERE AINT NONE! And don’t say “anthrax” either. That shit came from a lab over here, and no terrorist group has ever claimed (bragged) responsibility for it. I’ll tell you where they are..., they/re in the Pentagon, the “neo-con” think-tanks, The State Department, and the Justice Department! The Websters dictionary defines a terrorist as, an entity which conducts acts of violence to achieve political goals. You figure it out. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention the White House. Simple, this President is not in charge. They tried to pull this “invade Iraq” bullshit when Clinton was in office, but he was too smart to fall for it. It’s the corporate puppeteers who run the show, and the only way to stop them, is to take away their puppet! That’d be George Bush.
The Department of Homeland Security is another joke. Just what the hell is that anyway? Didn’t we already have that base covered? Condi Rices’ title is “National Security Advisor, not “International” Security Advisor. What the hell do we need a “Homeland Security Chief” for? What’s the difference? Isn’t our Nation, also our homeland? . That must have been Georges’ idea of “making government smaller”. What it really was, was a way to include his buddy and earlier proposed 2000 running mate, Tom Ridge, in his cabinet after all; and it’s about as useless and fruitless as the government appointed 9/11 Investigating Committee.
What you should be wondering is, why only us? As if we ALL just got off the boat yesterday, the Bush regime would have us believe that Easterners hate us because we are “free”. Give me a fucking break! Half the world lives in one form of a democracy or another. What about Canada, or Mexico, or any number of other friendly or neutral Nations? No-ones knocking their shit down. We’re told that it’s our “freedom”, that Moslems hate. Bullshit! Most Moslems around the world, are just as free as we are. If that was really the case, they would have gone strait for the Liberty Bell, The Constitution center, Independence Hall, and most especially, The Statue of Liberty. Well, guess what...? there all still standing. No-one so much as laid a finger on them! It’s not about freedom, or the West. It’s about the greedy aggressive foreign policies of the U.S. government.
There’s one more point I’m going to make, before I piss you off completely. It seems that every time someone starts feeling a spark of courage, and begins coming out of their shell, or shelter, and proceeds to question policy; they immediately get bombarded with asinine accusations about being “unpatriotic”. Oh, how I’d love to grab hold of one of those flag waving pansies. I’m reminded of the cartoon where Wild E. Coyote hides under old glory, just as his world starts to fall on him, even though he’s the one who made it fall in the first place. There was a time when the flag stood for something special. As of late, it’s been reduced to apparel accessories for PUSSIES! The majority of those mindless criticisms seem to come from a common source of people; inbreed, hillbilly red necks. If your not one of them, then you won’t be offended. If you are one of them, then shame on you! There’s nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act, and the only true acts of patriotism I’ve seen in the last 4 years, were the voices of dissension against our governments’ policies . Ah, but now you say we don’t support our troops? Keep it up numnuts! That quagmire, refereed to as “Iraqi Freedom”, is nothing more than another Vietnam, and the whole world knows it! That’s why half the globe is giving us the finger now ! We must be a real thick bunch, because we didn’t learn a damn thing in the 60's’ and have to be taught all over again. In any event, the best way to support our solders now, is to BRING THEM THE HELL HOME!
I cant wait till our country straightens up and starts to fly right, because I’d love nothing more, and look forward to the day when I can start hanging my flag right side up again. Now, does that sound like some kind of communist to you, You dumb bastards? So, wake up, grow up, read up, and fess-up. If you’d rather remain in denial, then just shut up! It’s that simple.
By now, you ought to be feeling pretty darn foolish, but fear not “Bunky”, there is still something wise that you can do, to redeem yourself. After reviewing the web facts about w199i , check out the following web address :
P.S. Send hate mail to;

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