Saturday, August 21, 2004

Oh No! Not Another Swift Boat Liar Post!

John Kerry’s Bronze Star Citation was awarded for his actions on March 13, 1969. It’s a really inspiring paragraph, even in the steely style of a military report. We are now in the rather strange position of seeing a decorated vet’s service called into question, especially given the poor military record of the election thief.

So, the allegations against John Kerry are being made by some Vietnam vets. The primary accuser is Larry Thurlow. He received his bronze star the same day, for the same action and now claims JK was not under fire. Therefore if Thurlow is telling the truth, he took a medal he didn’t deserve. Thurlow would have been lying in 1969 along with Kerry. If Thurlow is lying now, his credibility is obviously zero. Thurlow was lying then or he is lying now. The question is, has he been lying since 1969 or since 2004?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello: The Bush campaign has been successful in clouding the issue here (as I predicted about a month ago on the Kerry blog)...that little facts are getting out.

Steven...Larry Thurlow and JK were not awarded silver stars for that action. This is how clumsy the JK response team is...its like they are in handcuffs.

Both JK and larry Thurlow were submitted for awards based on the action that is in question. The Green Beret who JK saved (I'll misspell his last name) submitted a citation which eventually got command approval that JK be submitted for the Silver Star. as frequently happens with those things they get knocked down and JK was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor in the face of the enemy (I would get the Latin spelling wrong).

Larry Thurlow's citation it appears came from an entirely different source then JK's (who I dont know but it is different...) because it is originally for a Bronze Star and I dont know but assume its for valor.

The best defense I have heard of this is from Max Cleland on almost every media outlet that he has been on.

What is amazing to me is a couple of things:

1. The response has been so poor from the JK camp. Without much effort Rove etal has forced the campaign to spend millions on TV ads when it should not have and threw it entirely off message.

2. There was no aniticpation of this and nipping it in the bud. I cannot imagine how James Careville and company would have let this fester.

3. It just drags on. We lost all mo comingout of the convention, Bush has picked up some wind and we will hear about it over and over during the convention.

OK this wont determine the Presidency (unless the million or so spent latter on matters)...but far worse is coming from Rove.

I dont post on the Kerry blog any more since I more or less predicted Rove would try something like this and was pretty well savaaged.

Robert G. Oler

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By using surrogates to attack Kerry's war record and particularly his Silver and Bronze Stars, Bush is insulting every American Fighting Man and woman who ever received such a medal.

Because of their mindless attempt to discredit one man the Bush Attack Machine is besmirching the process by which every American fighting man receives medals.

All of us who served in the military know how important those medals are, and the esteem we hold those who receive them in. The action reports are scrutinized and people who were there are interviewed, it goes up the chain of command for review, and after a through investigation and review the Medal is issued. The medal is awarded at a large ceremony and the citation is read before the Medal is pinned on the recipient's chest.

Now, for political purposes, these liars are attacking the validity of Kerry's medals and in doing so are calling into question the validity of every medal awarded to all of our fighting men and women.

As John McCain said these guys have no shame.

If John Kerry didn't deserve his medals did the others who also received medals for their conduct that day, deserve their medals? This takes attacks to a new low.

I truly believe all veterans should speak out against this outrageous attack that stoops to a new low, even for them. Because in a sense it attacks every serviceman who was or will be a medal recipient.

I would vote for Kerry if only to send a message to the Republican Attack Machine. Thankfully there are a lot of other very good reasons to support Kerry.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln; No-one has the right to mislead others, who have less access to history, and less leisure to study it, into a false belief by substituting falsehood and deception for truthful evidence and fair argument. (from his Cooper Union Address in 1860)

A retired veteran

8:35 AM  
Blogger femaledeer said...

Unfortunately, Kerry or someone must now attack Bush's National Guard record. Immediately. Democrats tend to lose because they won't fight as dirty as Republicans. This calls for a dirty fight.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A retired veteran

By Anonymous, at 8:35 AM


I agree with everything you wrote. Unfortunatly it is reminiscent of an Adali Stevenson moment when someone told him "You will get the vote of everything person for President" to which he replied "To win I need more votes than that."

A lie travels 12 times around theh planet by the time the truth gets its pants on...particularly when the truth is being run by a machine that is to SLOW.

Robert G. Oler

PS break the two groups apart in my email and you see where I am from.

10:37 AM  

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