Tuesday, July 06, 2004


One of very few politicians who knows what it's like to be both rich and working class (Bush and Cheney know only one class...can you guess which one it is?!? Knew you could!), Edwards is an excellent choice for Vice Presidential running mate for John Kerry. Edwards is from the South, has lived in both Carolinas. Edwards won the Democratic Presidential Primary in South Carolina, and was the only candidate other than Clark and Kerry who even came close to winning in any Southern state. A Kerry-Edwards ticket has had a substantial lead in the polls nationwide over any other combination of candidates, including Bush-Cheney.

John Edwards was born in a poor mill-working family in Seneca, SC, less than 10 miles from where I live. His family was forced to move to North Carolina while he was still young because the mill where his father worked in South Carolina was laying people off. Edwards has respect here that no one else has had as a politician. Democrats were overwhelmingly in favor of him, and independents and even many Republicans had many good things to say about him. There were many things they liked about Edwards in the race that they could not see in any other candidate. He gained massive applause, applause that I have never witnessed anywhere else, at the South Carolina Democratic Convention on May 1st. People here in South Carolina can really identify with someone who knows personally what it's like to suffer from a manufacturing layoff. There are parts of many cities in South Carolina that look like a war zone, with all the small businesses and homes boarded up. A lot like the city of Flint, as portrayed in Roger and Me and Fahrenheit 9/11.

Although many people here saw things they liked in Edwards that they could not see in Kerry, I credit Edwards' participation in the Presidential Primary race for helping to give Kerry a solid chance to beat Bush in November. Edwards attracted the attention of many Republicans and independents...including many who told me personally that they had voted for Bush in 2000...that helped them to see what they were dissatisfied with in Bush. These people were helped to change their mind about Bush by Edwards' participation in the race.

By joining John Kerry now, Edwards will greatly boost our chances of:

Sending Bush Home in 2005!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard a really good song for John Kerry yet?
I just did, it blew me away-last night on Sirius Satellite Network. "Kerry Us Through" by a young lady Julia Rose Check this girl out. I got off my butt, called in and got the 411. go to www.juliarose.com
It's impressive for someone who's doing this totally on their own. If the Kerry Campaign can use more excitement I think this song might help them out long after the Convention confetti gets swept off the floor.

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Hi I am just a normal citizen, who started looking on the Internet for some information. What I found alarmed me.

The politicians are out there stumping and they throw a lot of rhetoric around, but I like facts. And here are some alarming ones.

In just 3 years and 6 months President Bush has increased our national debt by 1.6 Trillion. That is 1,600,000,000, 000

The national debt has increased from 5.7 trillion when he took office to 7.3 trillion. That is 7,300,000,000,000. That is over $25,000 worth of debt for every man women and child in the United States. The interest on this debt alone is 318 Billion a year and rising. This is comparative to an individual who has 20K in credit card debt and can only pay the interest and still keeps borrowing.

And Bush is losing jobs. He has lost 2.1 million jobs. 2.1 million jobs that could be helping you and I pay this debt. This is the worst growth rate in 58 years. In comparison Clintons Administration created 23 million jobs.

I don't care if you are Republican or Democrat, we cannot afford 4 more years under this administration. You have the right to vote as you please and to make your decision come November, but please be informed. Look at the facts. Here is a web site that goes a little over the top, but still based on facts.

I do ask you to listen to Kerry as an American. We have had great Republican presidents, and we have had great Democratic presidents. And the great ones, have all had one thing in common, they have been great at leadership and intelligent enough to get the job done.

The website at the top is the cost of the war in Iraq. Click on this and watch the dollars mount. We need to be secure, but we need allies. We have always had allies throughout the ages. We need them now, or that number on the web site is going to include policing all of the Middle East on our own. We need a leader who can bring the world to our side, not alienate it. We need to stop shouldering the entire cost of the war, or else, we will be in our old age eating dog food, and trying to stay healthy, because a stay in the hospital is five thousand a day more, and we can not drive because we cannot afford the gas and we didn't bother to make alternative fuels. NOW THAT'S FEAR.

If you want a better America, a more prosperous America, and want to feel some relief from the past 4 years, then I urge you to send this to everyone you know. If you want to comment you can athttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/REPUBLICANSFORKERRY/ And go see Fahrenheit 9/11 and get another perspective on this administration. Thank you

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