Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Clintons Vow to Make Kerry Next President

Bill Clinton stirred the opening night of the Democratic National Convention Monday with a summons to send John Kerry to the White House, accusing President Bush of botching both the economy and the war on terror.

"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values," the former president said sarcastically of the man who followed him into office. He said Republicans "need a divided America, but we don't."

Eager to draw attention to Kerry's record of military service, Clinton said the Yale graduate could easily have stayed out of the Vietnam War three decades ago. The former president said he, Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney all did so, but not Kerry. "He said, send me."...

Clinton was buffeted by charges of dodging the draft throughout his 1992 campaign and presidency, and in a moment of self-criticism made the point that Kerry volunteered for the Southeast Asian conflict.

"During the Vietnam War, many young men including the current president, the vice president and me could have gone to Vietnam but didn't. John Kerry came from a privileged background and could have avoided it too.

"Instead he said, send me," Clinton said.

"When they sent those swift-boats up the river in Vietnam, and told them their job was to draw hostile fire to show the American flag and bait the enemy to come out and fight, John Kerry said, send me," Clinton continued.


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As an indepedent and uncommitted adult, Kerry has a major problem to convince people like me, "under-employed Joe sixpack" to vote and vote for him.

He needs to focus on issues that are important to us;
1) jobs,
2) healthcare,
3) security,
4) education.

We do not care about international relations. BUT he should talk about the poor planning that has led to almost 1000 deaths in Iraq. Instead of talking about the Mullahs and Clerics, he should talk about people
who are respected and can influence the action of others.
Most of us do not know who/what is a Mullah. In other words, use concepts and words that all of us understand.

Next point- Kerry shuld not treat the term liberal
as a "curse word". Counter attack the Republicans by
identifying the economic and social achievements of liberalism. Among them are;
1)public works that helped to cushion the effects of the depression of 1929.
2)Social Security, medicare, medicaid, student loans, opportunities for public education,
3)Minimum wage, the ability to join a Union,
4)the Civil Rights Act and the concept of equality of ALL Americans- at least in theory.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

clinton is lame...ironic that he as well as pretty much all democrats, blame bush for the enonomy that was bad, but now is stronger than it's been in 20 years...when Clinton is the one who contributed to the economic backslides. Bush just inherited those from him. Get something solid to make a case.

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